Sunbeam Mixmaster

Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 5

The mixer that I like to use for baking is old. I mean really old. From 1939 old to be exact. It was my great-grandma Roxie’s.

Just to give you a little history about it, my mixer is a Model 5 Sunbeam Mixmaster Automatic. It has a 10 speed selection speed dial on the back, which Sunbeam called the Mix-Finder Dial. It was the first appliance of its kind to feature a speed operating guide right on the machine itself. It is also one of, if not the most identifiable Sunbeam mixer of all.

When Sunbeam premiered in 1910, its slogan was “The Best Electric Appliances Made.” And to me, that slogan remains true. Even after 3/4′s of a century, my mixer is still running strong.

The cool thing about this mixer is that it was only produced from 1939 until 1941, when its successor, the Model 7, was produced. The man who was in charge of Sunbeam’s research and development at the time, Ivar Jepson, made it a point to never produce more than one model in any Sunbeam appliance category at any one time. That means that the Model 5 Sunbeam Mixmaster was only available in stores for 3 years.

There were two color combination options for the Model 5; ivory with jadeite glasswear, or white with milkglass glasswear. You also had the option of ordering the mixer itself, or the mixer with a juicer attachment. In 1940, the mixer with juicer attachment sold for $23.75 in either color combination. If you didn’t want the juicer attachment, you could order just the mixer for $21.00 with the option of ordering the juicer attachment at a later date.

There were 8 available attachments: the combination food chopper and meat grinder; polisher and buffer; the drink mixer; potato peelers; slicer and shredder; freezer attachments; coffee grinder; and can opener.

Sunbeam Mixmaster Label

Sumbeam Mix Master Factory 1940s

10 comments to Sunbeam Mixmaster

  • Don Wallhausen

    I have a slicer/shredder if anyone is interested,also most of a meat grinder/chopper with power transfer unit to sell. 25.00 for the slicer, 15.00 for the grinder.

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  • Mike

    I have the juicer attachment @ Susan Maden, that I am selling for $25 if you are interested.

    • Kerry

      Do you still have the juicer attachment to this Mixmaster? I’m interested in buying it, but I wanted it for Thanksgiving. Do you live in the Philadelphia, PA area?

  • Melodee

    Question…I have a Model 5B, where does that fall in the models your discussing? Or does the B stand for something specific and it’s a 5? Runs and sounds wonderful…by the way!!

  • susan maden

    I need a juicer attachment. I have evrrything with my mixer but juicer sttachment. can anyone help me find this attachment. thanks susan

  • janet watton

    I have almost this exact same mixer, from my late husband’s mother. Question for you: the motor is beginning to strain and I figure it would probably love a drink of oil. Do you know where to put oil? There are two tiny holes on top, one near the front, one near the back. Any help would be huge, as I would love to keep this machine rather than buy a new one. It’s last this long and mixes just fine.

    • Dave Foe

      Put a few drops of light machine oil in the front holes and one down the juicer port. There is an oil hole in the rear and you can put some down there and also a hole on the dial.

      The grease inside may also need to be checked. You can search the web for instructions on how to do that, or scout out an old manual for the Model 5 or Model 7 on ebay or at your local antique mall.

      These things can be kept going but they do need oiling. There may be some Sunbeam repair centers that can do this for you as well.

  • Henry

    Nicely written and accurate synopsis of the model 5 mixmaster. (One editorial note: the model 7 was the ‘successor’ to the model 5 and the model 3 was the predecessor).

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