Betty Crocker’s Salads for Every Occasion

Betty's Salads for Every OccasionA salad can be all things to all meals-the tangy, crisp accent for a rich meat entree of the impressive introduction to a steak or seafood dinner, sometimes served as a first course of distinction in the California manner. It can be an entire luncheon dish-hot for fall and winter, brilliant with fruits or vegetabels in season, or meat en gelee, set forth on correctly chilled plates.

It can be tossed in a bowl, arranged or molded with an artist’s eye as a medley of color, taste and texture; or mixed before one’s guests with virtuoso skill. It can be a summer meal in itself, a buffet relish bowl or hearty and served hot from the oven.

A perfect salad is an unforgettable way for a good cook to shine. Herewith, many kinds from simple family-style and picnic salads to those for company and grand occasions.

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker’s Men’s Favorites

Betty Crocker's Men's Favorites

When a man’s fancy turns to thoughts of his favorite foods, chances are good that you’ll find the right recipe in this collection. If he’s in a meat-and-potatoes mood, tempt him with Pot Roast and Sour Cream Gravy. When he yearns for food like mother used to make, bring on Chicken Fricassee with

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Betty Crocker’s Come for Coffee

Betty Crocker's Come for Coffee

To paraphrase the poet, “Comes a pause in the day’s occupations that is known as the coffee hour.” For that welcome break-when you entertain invited guests or just put on the coffee pot for a neighbor or two, here is a treasury of ideas on what to serve-when. Delicious bakings make stimulating conversation

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Betty Crocker’s Entertaining on a Shoestring

Betty Crocker's Entertaining on a Showstring

You don’t have to be a millionaire to give wonderful parties. So your budget is limited, but you have love to entertain your friends? Here are some secrets for success: keep your guest list small. A simple but perfectly planned little dinner can be a more memorable occasion than a grandbuffet for fifty

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Betty Crocker’s Dessert Spectaculars

Betty Crocker's Dessert Spectaculars

When you really want to star at your own party, these are the recipes to consult. You’ll find that grand finale for a dinner party, something special and surprising to lend glamour to a plain-Jane meal, a flaming, frozen or whipped cream delight elegant enough to steal the scene at a “come-for-dessert” evening

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